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The law firm of Reisman Rubeo, LLP is committed to providing its clients with an unsurpassed level of personalized legal representation. By working closely with each client to develop individualized strategies that are proactive, practical, timely and cost-effective, our clients benefit from our ability to minimize, or altogether eliminate, legal complications that so often impede business expansion and ordinary operations.

We serve a wide variety of clients including small and midsize businesses, large multinational corporations, foreign corporations doing business in the United States, non-profit community organizations and individuals.

Reisman Rubeo & Altman, LLP

The firm serves a national clientele from its offices in Westchester County, New York, just outside of New York City. The firm’s attorneys all have extensive experience in their respective practice areas and have worked at well-known law firms and in corporate legal departments. Our clients receive superb legal representation from a select group of highly accomplished attorneys in the fields of transportation and logistics, corporate and commercial law, intellectual property, healthcare, estate planning, retail merchandizing and real estate. The firm also handles complex civil litigation in these and other fields.

All clients receive unparalleled legal services that are simultaneously geared toward addressing their particular needs and proactively accomplishing their business objectives. Our underlying philosophy is simple: Outstanding academic and legal credentials must be combined with a fundamental, “ground level” understanding of the operations of the organizations and industries being represented in order to produce the superior results demanded by today’s business executives, all of whom operate in highly competitive industries. Moreover, we are highly skilled in the art of managing the increasingly complex interrelationship among a multitude of legal, regulatory and business issues that must be navigated by successful organizations.


Every client, regardless of the size or scope of the organization, is of equal importance and can expect an unwavering commitment to the highest quality of personalized legal representation. We are resolute in our dedication to the following core principles:

  • Understanding the priorities and goals of each client and working tirelessly to become an integral part of their success.
  • Zealously protecting the interests of our clients;
  • Providing legal representation that is both targeted to the specific goals of our clients and pragmatic in their particular business environment;
  • Adhering to the highest standards of legal ethics, honesty and integrity.

In our relentless pursuit of these core principles, we believe that providing top-notch legal representation is only part of our responsibility. An equally critical component is the value of the services we offer. To that end, we are flexible in structuring versatile financial arrangements wherever possible in order to meet our clients’ goals.

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