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Hiring an estate planning lawyer?  Reisman Rubeo, LLP advises businesses, families, and trustees in all aspects of estate planning. Our estate planning services include drafting durable powers of attorney, living wills, appointment of healthcare representatives, drafting wills and trusts, or reviewing and modifying existing estate plans to conform with life changes or new laws. Whatever your needs, our attorneys design and implement an estate plan fit for each client.   

Our attorneys can prepare everything from a basic estate plan to a more detailed plan designed to shield assets from creditors or estate taxes.  Some useful tools in this process are: 

  • The Last Will and Testament enables you to decide what happens with your estate when you die. A properly drafted Will can also appoint guardians for your minor children and establish trusts for your heirs designed to assist them with their future needs. 

  • Special needs trusts:  A special needs trust provides a disabled individual with funds for medical and living expenses.  

  • Revocable living trusts:  The principal benefit of utilizing these trusts is to transfer assets into the trust while the grantor is alive to minimize and sometimes eliminate the need for probate in the state of residence and other states where property is owned. 

  • Irrevocable trusts: This type of trust can serve as a vehicle for holding assets such as real estate or life insurance policies to remove the assets from your estate and shield them from estate tax or creditors. 

  • Credit shelter trust: This allows property to pass from the decedent spouse to the surviving spouse, and later to the surviving children while minimizing estate tax. 

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When a loved one dies our attorneys are here to help you and your family by supervising and organizing the process of probate and trust administration to ensure that the deceased family members’ requests are honored and that the winding up of the estate and the distribution of assets goes as quickly and smoothly as possible. 

Estate matters involve many personal and business considerations, decisions, and consequences. Contact Reisman Rubeo, LLP online or by phone  to schedule an appointment, so we can discuss your case.