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Employment Law Attorneys in Hudson Valley, New York

Employment disputes can be one of the most extreme realities in a person's life. In some instances, it involves not just the person but possibly an entire family. Our goal is to find a fair and swift resolution to your employment issues. We represent employees and employers and have extensive experience representing the other side. Our multifaceted experience in this subject area gives us a 360-degree view of the legal landscape and enables us to anticipate our opponents’ strategies to effectively respond to their demands.

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Accomplished Representation, We Represent Clients with  

  • Employment Contracts (Employer & Employee)

  • Discrimination Claims (Employer & Employee)

  • Wrongful termination, (Unpaid Wages & Overtime Claims)

  • Fair Labor Standards Act Violation (Employer & Employee)

  • Work-Place Retaliation

  • Whistle Blower Claims

  • Severance Packages (Employer & Employee)

If you feel you have not been treated fairly and feel your rights have been violated by an employer, give us a call. If you are nervous because you work for a large company and or the company you work for is a fortune 500 company and you are worried about retaliation, we have the resources and the talent to fight the fight for you. With our passion and knowledge, you will feel at ease and know you made the right decision to allow us the privilege to take it on for you.