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Civil Litigation Attorneys in Hudson Valley, New York

Our firm’s overriding goal is to protect our clients so they can focus on operating and growing their business and on having the maximum possible level of well-being in their personal lives. Legal problems distract companies and individuals from achieving their personal and individual goals and add to stress and unnecessary expenses. We are unique because we deploy our multifaceted litigation expertise in an effort to prevent litigation from ever occurring in the first place and to efficiently, zealously, and expertly litigate disputes, when it is necessary and sensible to do so.

We work with companies to plan and grow their businesses using well-grounded legal and regulatory parameters in order to avoid common legal pitfalls that frequently result in costly and time-consuming litigation. Whether it is the skillful drafting of contracts, structuring of transactions, or formulation human resource policies, savvy “issue-spotting” helps to avoid or minimize the disruption to our clients that often arises from burdensome litigation.

In the event our clients do encounter situations where litigation is unavoidable, our firm’s attorneys have the experience and knowledge to expertly navigate through these matters. We have successfully litigated numerous complex disputes in both federal and state courts, if you need trustworthy civil litigation attorneys, contact us at Reisman Rubeo, LLP to schedule a meeting.

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Some of these matters have included:

  • Insurance Litigation (including coverage disputes)

  • Post-employment non-compete and non-solicitation agreements.

  • Defense and presumption of employment discrimination claims.

  • Fair Labor Standards Act and other federal and state wage and hour law claims.

  • Real Estate Litigation

  • Shareholder Disputes

  • Contract Litigation

  • Internal Investigations

  • Personal Injury Litigation

Whatever the litigation may entail, we work directly with every client to pursue the most cost-effective strategy to attain a resolution that is practical and achieves the client’s ultimate goal. The overwhelmingly positive feedback and referrals we have received from clients and other attorneys are a clear reflection of the quality of our work.

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